May 6, 2021

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

By Dianna Stein 

Longtime NCGA/WGANC Rules official KC Cote assumed she was always going to live in her town of Novato, although she does have an adventurous streak, having served our country during the Vietnam War as an Air Force Nurse and becoming a Lieutenant Colonel.

On a less adventurous note, but as a revered volunteer, KC became a passionate golfer and helped found the WGANC Rules Committee in 1997, and has long served as a Rules official for NCGA, USGA and other countless tournaments.

Cote was a member of Oakmont Country Club for many years, so she had friends and associates she’d gotten to know in the area.  Valley of the Moon, as Oakmont CC is now called, has a large adult living community.  Oftentimes, her golf companions would encourage her to move closer to them and the wonderful community they lived in.  After Cote kept wondering why, it was suggested that she make a “pro” and “con” list for moving and then make a decision.

Cote laughs as she explains that the “pro” list was almost endless; the “con” list, meanwhile, was pretty much empty.  Her choice was made.

Because of the ongoing pandemic restrictions, there was no fanfare it seemed when she moved in.  However, on Super Bowl Sunday in February, Cote received a text by mistake from one of her friends.  “Meet at the gas station at noon for the parade.”  She replied, “What parade?”

Before Cote had time to investigate, she began hearing a ruckus outside of her new abode.  What a group it was!  Parading around her cul-de-sac were at least 25 golf carts decorated with balloons, “Welcome KC” signs and lots of horn honking.  Cote didn’t know whether to be overwhelmed with happiness or worry – that her new neighbors might not appreciate all of the noise and celebration.  She soon found out they had been pre-warned about the planned event.

Not only did her friends surprise her with a warm welcome to her new home, they also showered her with gift cards to the local food store, wine, plants and other presents.  Although Cote has been happy for 28 years in her Navato home, she is ecstatic to start another new adventure as a resident of Santa Rosa. Welcome to the neighborhood, KC!