June 19, 2020

We Stand United--NCGA Statement Against Racism and Injustices

The NCGA is committed to delivering our vision to ensure the game of golf is vibrant, inclusive and accessible to all.  We know this is a challenging and hurtful time for many of our members and golf community.

We stand with you against racism and the injustices that have occurred.

Although we’ve made progress and are more diverse than most golf associations, there is always more that can be done to achieve equality for all.

While we can’t change the past, we can continue to work towards a better future for all our minority members, and those who have historically been excluded.

We are proud of the diversity we see across our various clubs and we are looking at additional ways we can help both clubs and members find their perfect golfing communities. No matter who you are, we want to have a golf community where you feel welcome.  There is always more we can do in this area to introduce more diversity and equality to the game we love. Although we don’t have all the answers today, we will deliver on more initiatives in the coming months and years ahead.

Thank you for your continued support of the NCGA.