May 26, 2021

Spectrum of NCGA Clubs--LPGA Amateur Golf Association

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association exists to connect women to learn, play and enjoy golf for business and for fun.  Since its inception in 1991, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association (formerly EWGA) has served as a portal to golf and touched the lives of thousands of women. LPGA Amateur Golf Association has Chapters throughout the United States, along with international Chapters in Canada, South Africa, Bermuda, Ireland and Italy.

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association Sacramento Chapter was established in 1993 and is your best place to get involved, get connected and to have fun with the game of golf.

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association Sacramento Chapter membership reflects a cross-section of working women in various industries in the Greater Sacramento area, including: financial services, legal, real estate, media and publishing, advertising, healthcare, information technology, accounting, retail, government and education. Many of our members are business owners, corporate executives, professionals, or entrepreneurs. And we do have a number of retired women as well!  However, all of us share a common link - GOLF.

Our Board is comprised of a diverse group of energetic women leaders including our President and Directors, and fantastic supporting Committee Chairs and enthusiastic committee volunteers.

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association is a 501(c)6 registered non-profit organization under the LPGA Foundation, a registered non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization.  Learn more by visiting the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Headquarters website at

  • Who founded the club?

Nancy Oliver, Founder of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association (formerly EWGA)

  • How often do you meet?

We offer opportunities almost daily for our members to play golf leagues, casual, tournaments, 18 holes and 9 holes).

  • Where do you meet? Do you play the same course every time?

We play everywhere.  As an associate club we call Haggin Oaks our “home” course, but we play a variety of courses in the Sacramento area (from Stockton to Grass Valley).

  • What games, if any, do you play?

Typically, during our golf season, on a monthly basis, you'll find an opportunity for at least one Golf Event, Weekly Fun Play at various locations, one Social Event, one Golf Education Event, and one evening weekly 9-hole Girlfriend Golf Event.  We enjoy an exciting Match Play League, a fun Mix-it-Up League (designed with fun games pairing new golfers with experienced golfers on a variety of game formats), and a Stableford League, as well as participating in the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Championships and a California Match Play Tournament (Cal Cup).

  • Is the club open to anyone? How do you recruit members?

No worry about your score or skill level - all players are welcome, from beginners to experts!  We offer weekend golf events and weekly leagues geared to all levels of play and demanding schedules. We also offer outstanding golf educational and social networking opportunities.

  • What are some good reasons to join your particular club?

We accept new golfers or those wanting to learn and improve and provide opportunities for social, fun play and/or national competition.  There is something for everyone.  We also have a partnership with the Northern California Institute of Golf at Haggin Oaks providing education and skills training for our members.

  • What is the age range of the players? Oldest Member?  Longest term Member?

We have 13 members who have been a member of the organization for over 20 years (five of these have been a member for over 25 years).  Currently our oldest member is 80 years young and is also our member with the most recorded number of rounds every year, playing 4-5 times each week and these are 18-hole rounds many times walking!

  • What is the handicap range of the players?

We have members as low as +2 (2015 U.S. Senior Womens Amateur Champion) through 54.  Since we accept new golfers, we have quite a number who have not yet established a handicap (and we keep encouraging them to do so).

  • Does the club fundraise or otherwise support/donate to a charity?

We annually put on two fundraising events to support women and youth in golf (First Tee – Sacramento and LPGA*USGA Girls Golf).  We have donated a combined $34,000 to these two causes, as well as $17,500 to Susan G. Komen Foundation and $500 to the Saving Strokes Program.

  • Are there planned social activities for members outside of golf?

We do plan social activities by surveying our members to see what other social activities they would be interested in participating in.  We plan an outing to Top Golf and a Cooking Class this year.

  • What are some fun things the club does?

We provide members a variety of events from which they can choose to participate.  We schedule social outings (Top Golf), schedule play at an upscale/prestigious course and always find reason to celebration at the 19th hole after any outing.  In 2020, we celebrated new members and introduced them to the Board of Directors and other new members through a fun Virtual Bingo night.

  • Where do you see the club headed in the future?

We expect to continue to see growth in our association.  We are currently at 241 members.  Even with the pandemic, we had over 75 new members join in 2020.  We are anticipating similar growth in 2021.