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When starting a hole, generally the player with the lowest score on the previous hole plays first. After starting a hole, the ball farthest from the hole is usually played first. However, the Rules encourage “ready golf” to help improve pace of play as long as it is done in a safe and responsible manner.

In four-ball play, you and your partner can play in whatever order you think is best when it is your side’s turn to play.


  • Playing Out of Turn to Save Time

    Q.Can I play out of turn to save time?

    A.The answer depends on the form of play. In stroke play, you may play ready golf in a safe and reliable way. In match play, you and your opponent may agree that one of you will play out of turn for a particular stroke to save time (see Rule 5.6b(2)).

  • Player and Partner May Play in Any Order

         Q.Can my partner and I play in whatever order we choose?

         A.Yes. In four-ball play, partners may play in whichever order they see fit (see Rule 23.6).