This year's third U.S. Adaptive Open will be held at Sand Creek Station in Newton, Kan., on July 8-10. 

Created in 2022, the event showcases the world's greatest golfers who has a disability. 

Did you know that for many of those players, it is within the Rules of Golf to use an aide? Technically, it all falls under Rule 25: Rule 25 provides modifications to certain Rules of Golf to allow players with specific disabilities to play fairly with players who have no disabilities, the same disability or a different type of disability.

Rule 25 modifies certain Rules for players in the following categories of disability:

  • Players who are blind (which includes certain levels of vision impairment),

  • Players who are amputees (which means both those with limb deficiencies and those who have lost a limb),

  • Players who use assistive mobility devices, and

  • Players with intellectual disabilities.

                     So what would be your role as an aide?

Here are some examples: 

Rule 25.2 (For Blind Players): 

A player who is blind may get help from an aide:

  • In taking a stance

  • With aiming before the stroke and

  • By asking for and getting advice.

Rule 25.4 (For Players Who Use Assisted Mobility Devices)

  • A player who uses an assistive mobility device may get help from an aide or any other person, including another player, in these ways:

    • Lifting Ball on Putting Green: When the player’s ball lies on the putting green, Rule 14.1b is modified so that the player’s aide, in addition to their caddie may lift the ball without the player’s authorization.

    • Dropping, Placing and Replacing Ball: All Rules that require the player to drop, place or replace a ball are modified so that the player is also allowed, without limitation, to give a general authorization to any other person to drop, place and replace their ball.

    • Positioning Player or Device: As allowed by Rule 10.2b(5), before making a stroke, the player may get physical help from any person to help position the player or position or remove the assistive mobility device.


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