April 14, 2021

Remembering Ida Pieracci

As we begin heading into the heart of the 2021 golf season, we thought we'd pause and look back at the inspirational story of the late Ida Pieracci.

Pieracci, who died in 2018 at the age of 107, was an icon at San Jose Country Club. Even at the age of 102, she still had played regularly four to five times a week. Coincidentally, she also held the record for most hole-in-ones at SJCC with an amazing 11.

In 2015, filmmaker Dustin Cohen caught up with Pieracci for a feature. The result was the short film, Golfing With Ida (below). The film quickly won accolades from around the world and the golf world. To date more than nearly 2 million views have been registered.

“I worked on the piece for a while, trying to keep it pretty short, fun and sweet - a nice, easy watch to make people smile,” Cohen said at the time.

When asked what the key to living a long and happy life was, Pieracci replied, “Just being a good kid!”