April 28, 2022

Net Central: April 18-26

Welcome to Net Central, an online supplement to the NCGA Golf Magazine's Tournament Central section! 

Here you will find results from some of the NCGA's most recent Net events and tournaments. Net Central will run when we've had a flurry of Net events, so don't forget to check the website!

Remember, whatever your playing ability, the NCGA has a Net event that will fit not only your game, but also friends and family.


NCGA Zones

First played in 1967, the NCGA Zone Championship is a four-person team event for regular clubs. Fourteen regional championships are staged early in the season with the champion and runner-up qualifying for the final championship at the end of August.


Sacramento Zone Results Here (April 18-19)

South Bay Zone Results Here (April 18-19)

East Sacramento Zone Results Here (April 25-26)

Northeast Bay Zone Results Here (April 25-26)


WGANC Legacy Hers N' His Championship

This event started in 1999.  The players compete in a best ball partners format using the 85% of handicaps.  A two-day, a 36-hole tournament for mixed couples, one male and one female player.  Flighted with equal gross and net awards in each flight.  It is a flip-flop tournament, where half the field will play one course the first day and the other half the other course and then flip the next day.


Hers N' His Results Here