November 16, 2021

NCGA Member Scores Elusive Albatross

NCGA Member Debra Baker had one of golf's rare accomplishments recently at the Plantation Golf Course at Kapalua, Maui. She scored an Albatross on the 7th hole, a 460-yard downhill par 5, which was also downwind. This scoring term, which represents three strokes under par on a single hole, is extremely difficult to achieve.


The Albatross is a more elusive accomplishment than a Hole in One! We’ve seen reports of the odds of such an accomplishment set between 1 and 6 million to 1.

So, we asked Debra how she did it.  “I hit my driver to the middle of the fairway and had 160 yards to the pin. I hit my 6 iron, just clearing the fairway bunkers. The ball trundled down toward the front right of the green where the pin was placed, rolled onto the green and, in what seemed slow motion, rolled into the hole for an albatross! Everyone just stood there for a moment (I was in shock) and then the yelling and jumping around started. Luckily, no one got hurt!  The other good news was that the after-round bar bill was not too bad for Mai Tai’s and appetizers for my new best friends. It was a great and memorable day”.

Memorable indeed – congratulations Debra!!!