July 8, 2021

Faces of the NCGA: Jim Valenti--Age Shooter

Do you dream of shooting your age someday? Data suggests that the odds are less than 9 in 1,000,000. For comparison, the odds of making a hole-in-one are 9 in 112,500.

Over at The Villages Golf and Country Club, a retirement community for those ages 55-plus, Men’s Club member Jim Valenti, age 84, does it regularly. The Villages officials discovered his accomplishments several years ago and have been tracking his scores since. At age 84, the frequency is increasing. (62% of the time in 2021).

Recently, on July 2 Jim posted an 80, marking this as the 200th time he has posted a score at or below his age.

Jim first shot his age in 2007. At age 71 he posted a 69 here at The Villages.

Congratulations Jim! The Villages, and the NCGA, are all proud of your accomplishment.