Course Rater of the Year – Bob Benefiel


Course Raters--Outstanding Service Awards

Joyce Bartlett      

Bev Blatt           

Jennie Madlem    

Kathleen Small

Tournament Official of the Year – Stacey Baba


Stacey Baba, the 2023 NCGA Tournament Official of the Year, first became an official in 2014. Rules certified since 2017, Baba also served on the NCGA Board of Directors (2016-2021) and WGANC Sub-Commitee. 

Baba, a huge supporter of Youth on Course, annually works over 20 NCGA tournaments and events. Congratulations to Stacey for all of her service and dedication to the game! 

Outstanding Service Awards

Ray Coates

Larry Soderberg

Stan Yamada

Marcia Whiting


Ray Coates and Stan Yamada (pictured above) 


Years of Service Recognition

Five Years of Service – NCGA Bronze Logo Pin

Tournament Officials

William (Bill) Laws

Dennis Allion

Jane Quiring

Stan Amos

Stan Yamada

Christine Anderson

Brian Armbruster

Suzie-Q Conklin (retired)

Steve Cox

Wes Heyward

Chris Mantz

Henry Pilger

Tom Tripp


Ten Years of Service – NCGA Silver Logo Pin

Tournament Officials

Stacey Baba

Teddy Antonopolous

Steve Johnson

Gary Fontana

Art King

Bob Miller

Stella Twisselman


Course Raters      

Linda Bunker      

15 Years of Service – NCGA Gold Logo Pin


Tournament Officials

Scott Anderson

Phil Sexton

Gary Fox


Course Raters

Beverly Blatt

Kaaren Walsh


          20 Years of Service – NCGA Gold Watch and NCGA Gold Logo Pin

Tournament Officials

Suzanne Olsen

John Lienart


Course Raters      

John Farley

Karen Price      


  25 Years of Service – NCGA Gold Logo Pin

Tournament Officials

   Jim Moriarty


Recognition of 46th Year - Pete Pizzino


Retirements Course Raters - Mark Curtis, Donna Grover