Player Information-Pairings-Results


November 14, 2023



Gross Division: Sadie Strain and Eden Anderson won the title with a score of 142 (77-65). Pam Fadel and Holly Bare were second at 144. 


Big Sur Flight: Lisa Mizono and Brigitta Bloyer won the title with a score of 131 (67-64). Lynee Lee and Marlene Ray were second and Victoria Cota and Kathy Herrero were third. 


NCGAGolden Gate Flight: Anita Gonzalez and Catherine Smith won the title with a score of 132 (68-64). Mary Kelly and Shelly Broumas were second, with Claire Loud and Lynn Kobatake taking third.  


Yosemite Flight: Linda Crocker and Denise Russell were the winners with a score of 138 (71-67). Meg Thompson and Patricia Van Kirk were second with Maureen McGee and Stephanie Krist placing third. 

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