NCGA members Brooke Gongora and Rick Wilson were the grand prize winners of the 2023 NCGA Hole-In-One Sweepstakes.

Each year, the NCGA holds a Hole-In-One Sweepstakes where members can report their ace and be entered into a sweepstakes with the grand prize being a round for four at either NCGA member course Poppy Ridge or Poppy Hills.

Gongora, a Youth on Course member, got her ace on the 169-yard par-3 15th at Poppy Hills using a 5-hybrid. Wilson, an eClub Central Valley member, aced the 147-yard par-3 7th at Tulare GC using an 8-iron.

Gongora had been competing in the second round of a Junior Tour of Northern California event.

“Approaching the 15th hole I looked at my range finder. It was saying 169 yards to the flag, with a slight headwind.  It felt long, so I pulled out my 5-hybrid.  I hit a nice straight shot at the green, it felt good going off the tee.  The flag was in the back of the green, and I saw it land in the middle of the green and it continued to roll at a nice slow pace into the bottom of the cup.  Once it hit the cup we heard a celebratory yell from a parent spectator and he motioned that it went in,” Gongora recalled. “My reaction at that point was a little reserved, because I was in competiton, similar to the first time this happened.  But I have to admit I was a bit in shock to think I did this again.  My sister (Brielyn) came over and gave me a little hug along with my mom. My dad reacted almost the same as the last two in disbelief saying,’ Did that go in?’ Along with a big high five.”


Wilson, meanwhile, finally got an ace on a hole he was very familiar with.

“I wasn’t expecting anything different from the past times I’ve played it. But the ball off the club this time was nice and solid, landing just left of the pin. Saw it spin back and then it disappeared. My thought was it stopped right behind the pin, and that’s why I couldn’t see it, but the two buddies I was playing with both said it went in! I didn’t even wait for them to tee off. Just jumped into the cart, and up to the hole to check it out. Hole in one!” Wilson said. “High fives all around after everyone made it up to the hole. Surprisingly, after the round, when I was expecting to have a large bar tab, only five people were in the bar. Two refused drinks (they were having lunch from work). The other three I gladly bought drinks for, and a round for my golf buddies that day (so eight total).”

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